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Jen Coffel is CEO of Engaging Speakers, a successful business coach, a best-selling author with four books, and a philanthropist.

She has been featured on, ABC News, and the Chicago Tribune. Jen has been mentored by speaking icons like Jack Canfield, Nick Vujicic, and Sandra Yancey, and has spoken on stage to over 10,000 people.

With two decades of business experience, Jen built her first 4 businesses to 6 figures each, all in under a year and all in different industries. She has now helped over a thousand entrepreneurs build their businesses with many reaching 6-figure and 7-figure revenue.

In her previous career, she developed the largest team in Illinois for a billion-dollar direct sales company, personally generating over $25 million in sales and raising over $1 million in donations for non-profits. But she is most proud of founding her own international non-profit “Handing Hope” which brings comfort and smiles to children battling cancer in twelve states and three countries around the world.

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Rachelle Ferguson is the Corporate Training Coordinator for Engaging Speakers. As a high energy inspirational speaker, Rachelle has shared stages with Dave Ramsey, Hyrum Smith (Co-founder Franklin Covey),  Jason Dorsey, and Nick Vujicuc. She brings a combination of humor, relatability and truth to all audiences.

An award-winning sales director and company trainer for a multi billion dollar manufacturing company, Rachelle created a 7-figure business and trained at over 15 International events. In addition to her sales and team-building experience she is a certified Jack Canfield trainer as well as an experienced enneagram coach. 

She currently loves her role as teaching pastor and leading the speaker training program for the Village Christian Church, and as a nonprofit founder there is nothing Rachelle enjoys more than inspiring others to reach their full potential. 

However, she is most proud of the peaceful, loving life she lives with the people she loves most. As Mother Teresa said, “If you want to change the world, go home and love your family.”

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Productive Mastermind | Truly Coming To Serve One Another
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Creative Branding Strategy
VALUE: $3000

Business Development Strategy
VALUE: $6000

Marketing & Promotion strategies and connections to scale your business
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Weekly Group Coaching
VALUE: $10,000/mo

Hot Seat Coaching
VALUE: $20,000/mo

Monthly Experiences
VALUE: $500+/mo

Access to Customized Renewal Experiences: Spiritual Rest Weekend with Enneagram,  Healing Elements Weekend: Earth, Fire Water Air Yoga, Firewalk, Ancient Baths, Meditation
VALUE: $1000+ Each

Luxury Recognition & Award Retreat Experience
VALUE: $5000

Exclusive Wealth Building Best Practices: Billionaire secrets.
VALUE: $100,000 to Millions

Years of Life Reclaimed By Growing Alongside Powerful Women
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